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Moja Media

A trusted and credible voice in the media world.

Moja Media is an independent proudly African media company that endeavours to change prevailing western global narrative on Africa by truthfully portraying the global story.

Moja aims to provide a Disruptive Media Service to Southern Africa, Africa by providing opportunities and platforms for Africans to tell their own stories to a continental and international media market.

Moja Media will develop and distribute content which adds to the empowerment and upliftment of those whose existence and stories are often negated by mainstream media. Moja Media has partnerships with Startimes (Africa), StarSat (SA) and TeleSur (Latin America), to advance South-South content sharing. Moja Media aims to create a trusted and credible voice in the media world.

What We Do


Moja Media aspires to be the leading media service provider for all the people and communities we service in South Africa and across Africa.

To be recognised as global leader in disruptive media, reaching people often ignored by mainstream media, especially on the African continent.


Moja Media is committed to providing professional media services for our clients, audiences and consumers in a cost effective, state of the art customer centered platforms using world-class production and broadcast facilities.

To promote respect and tolerance for our shared history, diversity, heritage and cultures. To use the media space as a platform to tell the true stories of the struggles and successes of the disempowered. To serve as a place of learning and development to marginalised people within the film and content production space.


Customer focused content Professionalism International Relations and Local Team work Pride and patriotism Innovation and continuous improvement.

Moja Media is built on integrity, trust and respect for all. We strive to stay true to the narrative of the people, as we being you the stories from the people.

Moja Media


A collation of information from around the globe, from current news to documentaries and films.


Celebrating culture, heritage and identity and incorporating it into the development and airing of, content aimed to entertain.


Creating content aimed to empower and uplift EMPOWERMENT with a special focus on female, financial and skills upliftment and empowerment.